Let’s introduce you to our army

Hi my lovely people, thankyou for stopping by to check out our team that works tirelessly to make sure your floral dreams are brought to life just as you had envisioned them to be.



( Owner and Principle Designer)

Hi I am Rashida the talent and brains behind Hana Floral Designs & Co. My journey is one of love, passion and art. Love for my flowers first, but also a deep love for our customers and our clients. Day in and Day out, all my company strives for is excellence in design and excellence in customer service because we believe that any good foundation starts with the positive energy of the people whether they be our clients or our team members. I was bred in the beautiful emirate of Dubai and that is where I grew my passion and my knowledge for flowers and all things botanic. By education I am a Systems Analyst with a degree from the University of Humberside in Lincolnshire but by passion I am a hardcore designer and to elevate this passion I also studied floral art from a UK. based designer residing in Dubai.

With each passing year, my libe for florals just continues to grows and while you also check out our other designers I want you to be sure that our entire team is dedicated to customers first then their vision. We love what we do and it reflects thoroughly and beautifully in our work.

Ramla Mustansir


( Co-owner , Freelance Design Artist )

Murtaza has been the backbone of our flower story since day 1 and his approach to the various design elements is methodical and practical. He has a keen eye for detail and is the true backbone of our company.

An engineer by profession, murtaza is passionate about the procurement of unique products to make our install eco friendly and sustainable. Murtaza’ s biggest asset is his eye for detail and his customer service which makes him the favorite one.

Yaqutatussharf  Tinwala

( Freelance Designer )

Yaqutatussharf is our young and budding designer that has been with our company ever since it started. She is pursuing a degree in clinical psychology and has a deep built passion for flowers. She has obtained rich onsite training which helps her efficiently work and build floral arrangements and installs effortlessly. Her biggest asset is her understanding of design mechanics and her customer service which she always ensures she is onpar with. Her bubbly and energetic personality builds a true positive environment that produces high quality pieces of floral art.
Ramla Mustansir

Ramla Mustansir

( Designer )

If you ever get a chance to meet Ramla you will know why we chose and were gravitated towards making her a part of our team. She is loving and above all has a brilliant sense of aesthetics. Ramla has had some initial training ( also from Dubai) but has perfected and mastered her art here at Hana Floral Designs & Co. Her style is contemporary yet modern with a hint of passion and love. She is the unmistakable glue that binds our spirit together.